Some baby animals (lion cub, sabertooth cub) are invisible

Basic Info:

Platform: PlayStation 4
Issue Type: Graphics
Game Mode: Online Private
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: Austins server

Bug Description:

Several animal babies including lion cubs and sabertooth cubs are invisible

Bug Reproduction:

Went to the guaranteed spawn locations of certain pets and found none, then walked around until I saw the health bar of the cub, but the cub itself was invisible (could still be picked up, it was just invisible). No amount of relogging has fixed this issue.

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When I get back on our server will check out sabre tooth spawn. I can confirm went onto my wife’s and I private server ps4 and the 2 baby :baby: sabertooths were invisible. @patchworkchimera . @Community can you look into this hard too catch a invisible kitten and avoid their mommy. If we don’t get a response Monday or so file a Zendesk report. Might be Monday before we hear anything time zones and all.

Welcome to the Forum you can learn alot here. Recommend avoiding the bickering posts interesting to read not necessarily to be involved in. Good luck fellow Exile.

Many adult tamed animals are also invisible. Don’t expect this to be fixed soon. The average wait on these bugs being addressed is a few months.

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