Some bugs, mistakes, problems

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug | Misc]
Region: [EU]

Kambujan Shaman Chestpiece - The shoulder pads are glitched. The corner of the shoulder pad seems to be invisibly connected to the head, and keeps extending quite far from the shoulder, the length depending on your stance or your head moving. Both shoulder pads are glitched, but the right one is worse.

The Tusk Trophy. Doesn’t work. It’s name appears as xx_Tusk_trophy, it’s icon shows up as a bag. You can craft it, but then it shows up as a hyena head trophy.

Rare fish trophy and Ugly fish trophy. Icons are correct, but the fish items required for making them are backwards. Rare fish trophy currently requires an unappetizing fish to craft, and Ugly fish trophy requires an exotic fish to craft. It should be the other way around.

Typo in the intro cinematic. “Comitted” instead of the correct form “committed”.

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