Some choke points are poorly set up

Sorry for the somewhat vague title, but I didn’t know how to fully summarize it. There’s at least a couple points in the game where there’s an enemy really close to the travel point to the next area. One is in High Road with the Shaman that’s patrolling. Another is in Metal Fields where the stationary polis bot is guarding the exit. The problem with both of these is that you can sneak by them, but if you re-enter the area (basically doing a u-turn), it sticks you right up in their sight circle and you get jumped. This can especially be annoying if you use fast travel, as if you are coming from a certain direction it puts you in the same position, as opposed to traveling to the other end of the area, then traveling to that same problem area.

I’d suggest adding a little more path before the choke point, so that your guys have more distance they can go down before triggering the transition. This would give them a spot to stand and see the guard. At this point, you can wait for sneaking or set up an ambush. Or just fast travel past them.