Some strange bags with amorstats in my pet inventory

Game mode: [ Select one: (Online official )]
Type of issue: [ Select one: Other ]
Server type: [ PvE ]
Region: [ eu ]
Hardware: [ ps4 ]

Bug Description:

Some of my pets has strange inventory bags. Like in these pictures. What I need to do are they doing something or can I throw it away. There some amor values…

Expected Behavior:

? Maybe they should be invisible for the stats of these pets?

Steps to Reproduce:

Don’t know how to reproduce. This is new for me


Depending how you got Pet,

Some via Admin panel will have these, they’ll be “attacks” listed etc. I tend to dump those pets, and not use them.
Had few issues in past with them. I found just leaving bags alone, does nothing.

If its new on lv16 pet? /shrugs. Mostly find them on unfinished npcs/pets etc in admin panel. Or grabbing wrong one. (like summoning horse, instead of giving yourself horse item)

It’s official pve, so no admin spawn.
I don’t know how long this is in the inventory but can’t be longer than 2 weeks.

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This has happened at various stages during development, with a few manifestations. Here are a couple early references.

On the PC, my clanmate @Cauthey has had multiple appearances of the xx_sack on his horse. Within the last few days.


Ok thx. This means I can throw it away without any effects in my pet?

BTW this reaper queen dies yesterday like my horse and me because of invisible werewolfs. The npcs there where invisible too. this was at the place where you can buy stonenose eggs…

The strange thing was that the visible one don’t takes any damage. And my reaper queen just do nothing against the enemies… But that’s an other story.

And the next sand reaper queen got a bag with xx_bla…

@community can I throw it away or will the sand reaper queen lose attributes or something else?

you can throw it away it will not do anything to your pet , i have had this on a lot of various pets from kappa to horses , i throw them and haven’t seen anything bad happen

Happend to me too recently to my Rhino in online mode, throwing away the bag seems to not have any negativ effect.

Answer : known BUG that makes animal thrall atack animation or stats go into bag… cant find it now, but in forum should be because @Ignasi once answered about this…

Ok thank you very much. I wasn’t sure if I can throw it away to free the inventory slot.
But I can say that I saw the inventory without the bag before I go offline and at the next day there was the bag. My sand reaper queen was in my base and no enemies was able to be at this place so I can say that it could not be a attack that goes to a bag. But it sounds nice… Attack that goes to a bag :sweat_smile:

Hey there,

Yes, these bags are internal controllers that give pets and animal enemies their attack movesets. They normally show up on animals or pets spawn via admin panel, but it is not unheard of them also showing during normal gameplay. Removing these bags is not harmful.


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