Bags in Pet Inventory

So I have noticed that some tamed pets have bags in their inventory. What are they? How do you make sure to get them as I have seen others with out the bags in their inventory. Thank you

The bags are the animals “attack” moves. Basically just a visual bug. As far as I know, you can’t really do anything with the bag.


I just toss them on ground…after some time and updates… don’t trust them. XD Only noticed them with horse spawns lately. Don’t use to many tames via admin panel outside foals, which I toss in stables with low turn over.
They’ll spawn with out bags… but at mercy of RNG.

I don’t trust the Bags… update or 2 later will make them unmovable and suddenly have 50weight you can’t get rid of, even on death…

I’ve lost a few characters do to those bags over updates. =/


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