Pets all have their abilities in inventory

When placing animal followers, their movesets are all items in their inventory

How did you spawn them? From the NPC button or from the placeables?


Hey @Meramusa, could you please share the steps taken for this issue to occur?

I really should learn pet stuff more. Thanks Narelle, never thought to check the Spawn Item Box as I always go through the panel for Thrall testing.

Follow Narelle’s advice. Sounds like you and I both learned something new today.

Use the “Spawn Item” panel (under the other tab) to spawn pets/mounts instead of the “Spawn NPC” panel (which we use for Thralls).

This issue only occurs for pets spawned via the admin thrall (npc) module. If you spawn them from the item section which is the one corresponding to what goes to live, you won’t see any bags. Don’t ask me why but this has always been the case or at least since I am playing around with the admin modules.

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