Can someone please explain what this is

I found this on my greater rhino and I also found a similar bag on one of my named thralls. What is it? Why does it have a health damage% and armor penetration % and what does it do or how do you use it, if you can even use it?

It’s a bug. Pretty sure it’s fixed on test live

I’ve found similar items on my thralls after they’ve done battle. A weightless bag labeled “XX_Unarmed Left” or “XX_Umarmed Right” that does about 6 or 7 damage. Haven’t found one on a pet yet tho.
Basically I think it’s the game giving it a “weapon” to attack with because it is trying to fight without one.

It’s a bug they thought was fixed in the last patch but apparently wasn’t yet. They’re not supposed to become visible to players.

Just take it out of their inventory and throw it away. It’s useless, and they’ll still be able to fight next time they have to. Or just ignore if you’re not trying to store something in its inventory. It’ll disappear next time you load regardless.

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