What is this? (Possible Bug?)

Anyone know what this is? It’s odd my rhino would have this random item/bag in his inventory. Clicking on it shows it does 72 damage so I wonder if it’s their “weapon”.

steamuserimages-a.akamaihd . net / ugc/964242566620538112/E2068E084F71951B92A53419E163C211D7D85D20

file not found but you should avoid trying to sneak links into your post before you have unlocked the benefit. Trust me its an easy 72hr ban. Been there, done it. Is the rhino bag a new sight? Could it be the Bag for the Rhino Cargo pets thats soon to be released but already in game? That sounds more than likely to me.

How am I supposed to post an image to show what I’m talking about then? Image posting is restricted for new accounts (wtf?) and I can’t post links… lame.

Why would a new player want to come here & try to help & post bug reports if they can’t show the issue?

Yes it’s a bug. Animals dropped such “weapon” on death before. It’s a pity you can’t use it yourself to make a “rhino charge” )))

Except my rhino’s not dead. That’s in his active inventory.

That’s just their attack stored as an item. Take it away and he will not use that attack. However it only works on rhinos. Try and use it yourself or on a thrall that isn’t a rhino, and they will stand there doing nothing. It is weird, but it isn’t a bug. Just a way to store their attacks.

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