Unknown item found XX_Gorilla_Charge_PetAplha

Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug | Misc
Region: USA

Recieved an item labeled “XX_Gorilla_Charge_PetAplha”
Description for item “XX_Vulture_Flyaway_1”

Seems to be an equipable move for pets I’m not supposed to receive as a drop. Doesnt work or activate but can be put on my hot bar and is treated as a main handed weapon (1h).

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.UNK - was sorting through inventory when it was noticed.

Hello @Rettlaw, thank you for reaching out!

Did this occur by slaying animals that spawned through normal means, or through the admin panel?

This occurred through animals slayed by normal means.

i always get all the pets moves in the pets inventory like that if i spawn em in sp, never online tho. 8/

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Although you’ve stated you slay them by normal means, just to be perfectly clear, could you please confirm that you didn’t spawn any of those animals through the admin panel?


I have also seen this happen with pets, while online, all game modes PVE PVEC and PVP.

In my case it’s animals that have been tamed.

Right now, for example, I have a Rhino who has a Rhino Charge in his inventory that I can pick up from, put in my inventory if I want, put on my wheel.


I have also gotten these packages off of tamed pets and thralls. Have had one stuck on my wheel for awhile once. @SirMang


Hey @Rettlaw

Our team is aware of this issue and they’re looking into it. Although we had a repro case with admin-spawned creatures it seems some of you are experiencing this on normally spawn mobs, so we’ve updated the original report accordingly.
Thanks for the feedback.


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