Thralls 'XX_Unarmed Left' item problem

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [Asia]

Fighter thralls inventory fill with ‘XX_Unarmed Left’ item occasionally.
I have no idea why they have that item but maybe internal process of weapon change.
The thrall has a club and a shield.

I believe this problem is old bug.
Is this on Trello bugtracker?

And I need to mention this bug also.
Before about 2~3 weeks I discovered below an item in a Wild boar inventory.
I don’t remember what kind of that boar is which one between pet and mob.

Health damage: 44
Armor piercing: 7%
(The item’s icon is sack)

I have this one still and try to equip but can’t.
What’s this? The boss wild boar spawn at wild boar inventory?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Thrall have fight with animal mob. (wild boar)
  2. Open thrall’s inventory.
  3. Discover XX_Unarmed Left item.
  4. Loot the item and dump.
  5. Sometimes it can’t move to my inventory. (return to Thrall’s inventory immediately when try to loot)

Heya thanks for the reports! I don’t think it’s on Trello but I’ll see about getting it added if that’s happening. :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot for the details!

This is also occurring in the PC version (online, official, pve, oceanic region).
Can not remove from thrall inventory at all after the patch which disabled us from looting that item, hence can not clear the thrall inventory to fill with food or additional weapons for example. So far I’ve only seen it on fighter thralls but more than one race and level. But not consistently, I have two thralls with the same race and level and one had the XX_Unarmed_Left bag appear in his inventory after the patch which removed our ability to loot it, the other thrall does not have that bag.

I drew it to Jens attention by making a reply in one of the PC patch threads, he did comment he/you will will need more reports saying it’s an issue to know it’s not just an isolated case … so nice to see additional bug report on it and on a different platform.

+1 Happens all the time on x1 too!

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