[Bug] "XX_Unarmed Left" in Tralls inventory

Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [NA]

My Thrall, Darfari Archer II, has acquired an item in her inventory, XX_Unarmed Left, which I cannot get rid of. It has a generic icon of a bag. She only had a bow and a 1-handed club in her inventory before that. XX_Unarmed Left appeared after she engaged in melee combat with local wildlife.

Trying to drag the XX_Unarmed Left item from thrall inventory into mine, simply copies the item, which results in myself and my thrall having this item. Equipping this item on myself doesn’t do anything, and item seems to disappear when put on hotbar and used.

I assume XX_Unarmed Left is a special item (for programming purposes) for Thralls AI that tells them that they are unarmed in their off-hand. However, it should not appear in the game at all, or be intractable.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Get Darfari Archer II
  2. Make Darfari Archer II engage in melee combat while only having 1-handed melee weapon.
  3. Darfari Archer II should get XX_Unarmed Left

Saw this different mal in SP some time ago, not so much this last time, but i played also more on my server.
I could give run of the object mostly, by dragging it first in the thrall inventory then in mine, and by simply removing it like any other items. Sometimes it respawned in thrall inventory, some times not.
Never saw this fact on my server. Must be a SP behavior maybe.