Some thoughts/requests

a few thoughts and requests:

  1. One of the main reasons on Live why E4/E9 are so popular vs E5/E10 is because the spike in difficulty is greater than the increase in rewards. Hopefully with the patch, the increase in rewards at E8/E14/E17 is properly adjusted to take into account the increase in difficulty with new mechanics. Hypothetically, if it takes twice as long to run a dungeon at E8/E14 vs E7/E13, but the rewards are only increased by 50%, then with keys no longer needed, it will be more efficient to simply run E7/E13 twice in the span of a single E8/E14 run.

  2. The Osmium gadget cooldown has been significantly increased to be in line with other protection yielding gadget/skills. Currently, this particular gadget is primarily used for it’s knockback resistance on the crab megaboss. Would it be possible to remove the protection given by this gadget, so that the cooldown can be lowered back to where it was? Perhaps even remove the movement speed slowdown as a compromise for no longer giving protection? We already have multiple gadgets that give protection (i.e. CS, unification, etc.)

  3. Blizzard. Long standing issue, but hopefully with additional bosses providing danger lines, this can be addressed. Blizzard covers the ground in white/grey. Makes sense; it’s a blizzard afterall. However, majority of the boss danger lines are the same color, which easily gets covered up by Blizzard. It’s a very useful skill, so it should continued to be used. Any possibility of providing an option in the options menu to allow us to customize the color/intensity of danger lines?

  4. Kyat Key Card. I know. I’ve mentioned it before. Anyone who checked out most recent beta know if this has been fixed? If not, hopefully the devs can bug fix this to have this item be moved into the mission items area.


They are looking into Communion visual, so blizzard would be cool, too.

So pretty much a worse Phoenician Support Stratagem.

Wouldn’t that just make the effect similar but not as good as the Phoenician Support Stratagem? Without the protection, it’d just stop you getting knocked down, vs immune to cc that you get from the Phoenician.

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I had not thought of using Phoenician Support Stratagem. Does it work on knockback? If so, that would be a pretty good replacement. The Osmium is for 6 seconds while the strategem is for 3 seconds, but that shouldn’t matter too much.

It works on all cc including knock back =). Its been my go to against the crab since forever <3

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I’m lazy so I just alternate Osmium and Unstoppable Force, together with the appropriate signets they both have 14 second cooldowns and last 6 and 8 seconds. No need to figure out which attack is doing the knockback. I suppose that tactic will be out the window after the rebalance since they’re both getting cooldown extensions.

Unstoppable Force’s cooldown is only extended if you slot its passive.

That sounds like the opposite of lazy >_<

I dunno, rotating 2 defensive CDs and letting someone else do the heals (or more likely, just rely on a leech effect) is pretty easy compared to the normal 3-4 from the self-healing build, plus hitting a gadget to avoid cc.

I don’t really have any expectations for defensive strategies to transfer over after the patch, maybe instead of using osmium you can just not stand in the claw attack or whatever.

Good to know. I have asked quite a few people if Unstoppable Force works against knockback and no one ever knew.