Some Visual Issues

Game mode: [Online | Multiplayer]
Problem: [ Misc]
Region: [EU]

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

Picture 5

Picture 6


Picture 7


Picture 1 : flying branch at I-6 [Scoundrel’s Gateway]

Picture 2 : Flying NPC at E- 8 [The Den]

Picture 3 + 4 : Stuck NPC at H - 13 [Shrine of the Oracle]

Picture 5 : Texture issues [savage roof sloped corner]

Picture 6 : Flying Boss at N-5

Picture 7 : Menu overlay issues

Only see the first pic.

Thanks for the album! I think I know where most of those places are in regards to floating NPCs. But if they always occur to be floating and not just a one off thing, then that’s something I can make a bug report for so devs can reduce helium intake.

revised the Pictures :grin:

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they stuck and float permanently

Alrighty thanks! I’ll see if this is also something happening in PC/PS4.

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