Something is wrong at this update

Something is wrong since update

Hello, Something bad is happened to me. i am playing in official PvE server 1335 for the 2 weeks. i logout my character in my safe house yesterday, but Today, all my equipments is dissapeared after this latest update.
I tried to find my tomb for getting back my equipments because i thought i might be killed by something. but it’s not. this update make my all stuff gone. seriously i want to break my monitor or something.

what happend to me? Can i get my equipments again ?

sorry to my bad English

If you play with building pieces from mods, then yeah… whenever a mod fails (which usually happens on an update) that happens. I’m guessing you palced your storage ontop of modded pieces? Well, if pieces collapse, so do the storage on top of them.

My advice: never use mod tiles. Always stick with vanilla tiles. If even vanilla fails, half the official server rage.

Check event log. You probably died of temperature…

One armor from the latest DLC got changed. But its a bug.

@Halcyon he says he plays at official PvE. So I dont think mods are a problem.

Some armors seem to have been dropped from two bars of temperature resistance to one, as well. My Flawless Epic light armor, which used to protect me adequately in the volcano, now gets me Very Hot, and crossing the river at the Bridge of the Betrayer in Flawless Zingaran now gets me Extremely Cold when previously I got to Very Cold, max.

This may have affected the OP’s temperature resistance in a way that caused their death.

Make bug reports… Funcom reads this threads. But as long no one makes a bug report, they dont care.
Blackblood skinning knife for example…

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