Sorting doesn't work within the new categories

I was excited for the idea of new categories, but man, did you guys even try using this?

In the past, all of the items within a category were shown at the top of the list. So if you went to the weapons category, for example, it would show all of the weapons at the top sorted by whatever you had selected, and then the rest of the items with lower opacity also sorted by that criteria.

Now, it seems the sorting is applied independently from the category, with the items in the category simply highlighted within the overall inventory.

I truly hope this is a bug and not intended behavior, because it’s pretty terrible.

See, e.g., this image showing Pets category selected and sorted by weight. Not even showing the eggs that are there.

Or, this one with a wolf and some eggs, and you only see the wolf on the first screen halfway down.

Or, see this one where materials are unsorted within the inventory window.


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