Overhault of the Inventory Craftinglist


New day new suggestion :stuck_out_tongue:

Its really a mess with the inventory crafting list. Yes you can sort… Weapons, Armors, Materials, Usables and Buildings but whatever.

It so nasty to find something. Always to copy and pase for example “Yamatai” to see all Yamatai Building blocks is not very input and player friendly.

With all the Talents and DLCs, the inventory overview could probably need an overhaul in sorting.
If i brainstorm a maybe possible solution i would suggest a tree menu.

For example:

  1. Weapon
  • One-Handed
  • Two-Handed
  • Dual Wield
  • Tools
  1. Armor
  • Shield
  • Light
  • Middle
  • Heavy
  1. Materials
  • All
  1. Usable
  • All
  1. Building
  • Tier1
    – Stonebrick
  • Tier2
    – Brick
    – Isolated Wood
  • Tier3
    – Hardened Brick
    – Black Ice Reinforced
  • DLC
    – Khitan
    – Aquilonian
    – Borderlands
    – Yamatai

Kind of this… maybe later add something similar to the other workbenches.
Dont think the Building categories need some more categories like foundations, roof, fences or something similar.

With current set up. I just go alphabetically seems the easiest, as long as you know what it is called.

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