Sound of footsteps is missing

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: Single Player
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: None
Mods: Improved Bodies Shaved Oiled Females, Pippi - User & Server Management v3.9.10, Kerozards Paragon Leveling - Reloaded v2.4.13, Configurable Elevators, Complete Thrall Fashion v1.2.8, Better Thralls v2.2.1, ThrallSideKick 0.5.7, New Gen, Building Shortcut Bar v1.5.2, SandstormEx, SnowsrotmEx, Unlock Plus v1.7.5, Hosav’s Custom UI Mod v 2.3.13, Edit Appearance v1.2.6, Multichar

Bug Description:

Missing sound of footsteps. Sound only appears at deepwater, when your character still walking, but slower

Bug Reproduction:

  1. Start the game 2. Just start walking

Greetings @DarthWolf ,

Thank you for sharing this with us!

Are you already able to hear footsteps?

If not, please, turn off your mods to see if it’s still happening.

Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:

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Hi, i’m the author of the New Gen mod and i believe my mod could the cause.

I’ve heard similar claims for my other mod Commando and while looking for ways to fix it i stumbled upon this post.

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