Various sounds missing?

Game mode: Single player
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: own

After the DLC update I noticed some effects missing sounds. Footsteps, climbing and falling voice and idle sounds are still present. But animal and npc voices and combat grunts seem to be missing. It does make exploring, especially at night, interesting. Can’t count how many times I had wolves or a mammoth on me in the highlands region without a warning. Thankfully the combat music seems to be working.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Walk around
  2. Fall a good distance
  3. Engage in any combat
  4. Go to relic hunter city, right outside the wheel of pain area there is a group of npcs. One of them always is raising his hand and shouting. The shouting is missing.

This has already been reported and answered. Supposed to be fixed in an upcoming patch.

Yes, the patch is currently on testlive, and should be rolled out soon.

Hey @concasboy

Welcome to our community and thanks for the feedback.
We’re aware of this issue and we’ve fixed some audio issues in our upcoming fix. It seems that the particular one you’re reporting here will not be in this patch, but will be included in the next one.
Apologies for the frustration.

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