No Combat npc or animal sounds

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Bug
Region: US North

After getting the new update including the patch, npcs will not make any noises during combat. No war cries, no hurt sound effects, no battle chatter.

Animals and monsters no longer hiss or roar when fightong nor make hurt/damaged sounds.

Is a fix for this in the works? Just bought a DLC today so I pay your bills. Get on this ASAP please.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Downloand the newest update including patch.
  2. Make a new singleplayer save with a new character
  3. Pick the stoic voice option ( maybe this is causing it)
  4. Hear no battle chatter, war cries, hissing, roaring or other npc/animal/monster combat sounds.

Hello @THEMANTA, welcome to the community!

We’re aware of this issue and the team is looking into it.

We’re sorry that you had a bad experience with the game, however, you’ll have to be respectful towards both the community and the moderators if you want to participate in the forums, please read through our guidelines for further information:

To answer your questions:

Not all issues are referenced in the trello board, and we don’t usually go over the forums during the weekends. We also provide ETAs whenever possible, which unfortunately is not the case for this particular issue.

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