Spammers of tier 3 buildings, Should be AVOIDED!

Here are some solutions for you:

Raid them, Hunt them and they will get bored or pissed and leave. That spam will decay and then it’s gone.

Or summon SET avatar to clean it and put foundations of your own once the avatar has taken out those. Set avatar still hurts T3s a lot.

Dont feed the trolls!

You have to be online to use a trebuchet.

Funcom have already answered you in this pinned thread. It is everything you will get from them and the reason it was pinned so they didn’t need to have someone reply to every post like this some makes it’s worth reading the pinned things will save you alot of time

I’m a little confused…it seems like there are only 4 people on your server, you and these 3. Why not make friends with the others on your server ahd either… Relocate to their base and be fine, or you can all raid this smaller group that is spamming the structures.

I don’t know but it seems you have a “me vs them” mentality when it would be better to be an us vs them one.

I would rather this over my server. People just spam vaults all over the place to claim land.

What exactly unnoficial servers have to do with the topic?

Dont your private server has a forum of their own? Why are you browsing this one?

Because on an unofficial server, the admin could boot people who structure spam.

Why would it matter if their private server has it’s own forum? And why can’t people browse these forums? After all, it’s the same game made by Funcom. The servers may not be paid for by Funcom but the same bugs apply, the same issues can arise.

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The same glitches, bugs and overall game on a private server as an official one. This is THE game forum, and Funcom only loses money running official servers. The only difference between officials and private servers is that privates have active admins, can add mods and change server settings.

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Exactly. Thank you guys. :slight_smile:

Uummm, I’d say everything. Look at all the complaints people have regarding the official servers, most of those wouldn’t even exist on a dedicated server thanks to the admins. The only thing I ever hear people say is bad about dedicated servers is the fear of “admin abuse”. I’m pretty certain most of them that claim abuse are the ones that are breaking the servers rules.

I’m sure there are some servers where the admins are power-hungry, so just don’t play on those.

So because I play on a private server, I’m not supposed to browse the general discussion board?? Or respond to any thread?? Got it, I’m sorry, I won’t ever do it again. >_>;;

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Again, what it has to do with unnoficial servers!?

This is a complain about a game mechanic exploit, if your server admin runs around destroying structures they call inappropriated thats their problem, nobody who play on official is interested in private server admin affairs.

And yes, I dont see a logic in you browsing this forum, why would you be so interested? You dont seem to care about a in game exploit just because your private server has a admin/host who logs in everyday, for now, to keep it running. So why would you bother about general game problems? Dont you have a admin, for the next few months until they lose interest, to fix everything?

Fortunately there’s little you can do about private server people visiting a forum other than complain about it. Just so we’re clear though, we play this game too and we’ll visit the forums if we damn well please.

I couldnt care less about you or private server players, just so we are clear, ok?

Crystal. I’m pleased we could come to this understanding of no ****s given on either side.

Thanks funcom is a good step foward, but harrassers will now just put blocks of 6 rather than single columns, there should be something else to fix this!

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This is awesome. I was looking for good ideas for griefing!


Wouldn’t touch an official server with your pole.

Sorry, it’s hard not to laugh at people like you who piss and moan about all this griefing, demanding that Funcom fix it, when the solution is right in front of your sad little faces. Play on a private server, and if you fear it won’t last, then host/rent your own server. Don’t want to do that?? Then enjoy the griefing, the ■■■■■■■ and the moaning. :smiley:

Do you yell at the sky because it’s hot outside, or do you go inside where there’s A/C?? Just curious, because this seems to be a similar mindset.

Now the spammers don’t make several blocks, they bake clusters of blocks of minimum 6 and in cases long walls of 1 tier deep. Or just spam buildings and stations here and there.

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