Spammers of tier 3 buildings, Should be AVOIDED!

This has seriously blocked any fun of gameplay forging me to abandon the game, just couse there is no fun , not possible to harvest resources blocked by this spam of blocks and honestly this should not be allowed at all.

You Should not be able to spam isolated blocks at interval even of 3 m one from the other to just block a territory and increase the land claim so that blocks spawn , raidability and fun !!!

Please this needs to be fixed!!!

I played for weeks on this server, then all of a sudden an obscure clan of may be cheaters in 3 days spam tier 3 blocks all around???

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the spam image.

Those guys in 3 days appeared, spammed t3 and even tier 3 temple?
Some suspect of cheating comes to me !!!

So why not wait a week and setup in a nice location elsewhere in the meantime? As the decay process means those 3 people need to swing by each block every 6 days or they start to drop. It’s not like that is the north or jungle area. My guess is you can find a much better spot to live.

Also, if the temples are accessible, learn the religion and loot them.

As for cheating, how? All they did was stock pile resources, build up T3 foundation blocks over time (which could be done in a small house), then finally spam them. I don’t get how that would be cheating. You may not like it but that doesn’t make it cheating.

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Because I am building there since a month and I have my base, they entered since 32 days and already got level 60 , all tier 3 ; Gods altars and spammed t3 columns everywhere, which seems pretty strange to me.

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Yes its abit silly that one block can clear an are in that way, i do understand the effect around a main Buildings system and that you can expand the are around that. link the area to the decay time system maybe to.

If you have been in that spot for so long, why not move? Staying in one spot means you will out level the local spawns, slowing your growth. And again, that doesn’t look like the best area. Further north the pine trees are better, you are closer to ice and star metal, and humans tend to carry more steel meaning you can farm it directly.

It just seems that you being tied to one spot maybe more limiting to you than the actions if the other group. So why not move?

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Yes its good to have more then 1 base and so but thats Another thing, but that you so east can salt the ground is not good for the game, spec not for new player.

Yet, people would rather deal with this than the fear of “admin abuse” on dedicated servers.


Someone did the same thing on our server. We (2 of us) farmed up a stockpile of orbs and burned their house to the grown.

If all the own is that tiny tree base then it should be easyyyy to burn them out and just spam raid them to clear them out.

I have 27 bases spread over the whole map and build more daily.

Go farm some God’s and take out huge swaths of that block spam. That’s what I do to piss them off, take out their blocks with some God’s and replace them with mine. Gods are easy to farm.

Instead of complaining, you should just man up and do something.

Its not the way to play the game to spam columns and make hundred bases !


Do some PvP to stop that behaviour. The game is a ffa, adapt or die.

It’s fun wiping out block spam.

This will also be addressed shortly when spamming base parts alone like that will give a 30 min decay timer…should make all that garbage pop fast.

Unfortunately this happened to me as well, in my cave base near order of north and south. They built above my base and when the patch came through, they’re claim went into mine. Just had to move unfortunately and come back with a avatar or two :):smirk_cat:

Explain that! what fun whit that? You waist plenty of resourses to Clean up somthing they make for almost free!

My method is in my base I have a treb on a tower and it creates my anti fun zone.

If you try and build crap in this zone I break it with treb shots which also gives me practice on aiming the siege weaponry

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PLEASE FUNCOM Can you answer this and SOLVE ? Is this the way you intend people play your game ? I Am about to quit playing after a month because in 3 days those people come out , spam blocks for miles and miles and nothing is harvesteable anymore !!!