Spawn item Bulked plating no present in admin mode

I can not find this item in admin mode. The same for others Grandmaster Armorsmith recipes.

Just want to made so tests in solo mode.


I can confirm Bulked Plating is also absent from admin spawn list in my test game - the item definitely exists in the game, as I can craft it if I want, but is not available to be spawned for testing.

(Temporary workaround - I used admin panel to level the test character to 60, then ran through the Warmaker Sanctuary cloaked to go and learn the feats - waste of time, but at least that way you can spawn in a tinkers bench and the crafting resources and craft the plating for testing - probably about 10 minutes total instead of a few seconds to admin spawn, but at least you can still do the testing…)

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Also the Pure Aloe Extract is missing

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