Spears through walls

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After the Stream sniper x3com had been jooked over and over and over and over and over again, I got him in a kill box, he killed him self and got out while I was restarting. I then jooked him one last time, and as I was standing behind him, He stabbed the wall where I would have been 4 times, I was standing right behind him watching him, KNOWING that he can stab people through the wall with a spear.

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1.Grab spear
2.Stand on other side of wall
3.Grab friend put on other side of wall
4. Use power attack for max reach to go through wall

I have used this tactic in PvE behind a spike wall to kill an elite (1 skull blue eyed) rocknose at a lower level. I believe this is an issue with UE as the same problem exists in Ark.

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