Specificity on actual release time?

Can we get some specificity as to when we will be able to buy the game, other than just September 15th? I don’t want to be on at 12:01am my time trying to buy the game if it isn’t launching until 8am, for example. Or conversely, if it goes live on the 15th Oslo time, that’ll be the 14th for me.


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so I would say 02:00 pm oslo time (CEST)

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if that’s really the case, then sweet, because that’s the 14th my time :slight_smile:

but it’d be nice to get confirmation from something official.

that is official, cause its the steam page

it’s on steam. it’s official enough for me :wink:

click on the dlc page to open the siptah specific steam page

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the “approximately” is the word that always bothers me :wink: lol. but thanks for the feedback. you’re likely right on this :slight_smile:

so according to that ‘approximate’ on steam, that would be about 4 or 5am my time. i’d like to see if Funcom will give us comment on a more definitive time.

Thats 9pm west coast time. Well no use getting up early

yea, that’s what i was thinking - nor any use staying up til midnight on the 14th. guess go to bed early and get a full nights rest before pulling a long gaming sesh the next day :slight_smile:

that’s not the way software development works. approximate because it is only a plan, but plans are subject to change. a last minute bug and the eta is gone.


nvm, (my bad) :slight_smile:

well ya, of course, this is Funcom we’re talking about :laughing:

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