Preorder 3 days early access

If I preorder thru the website I get 3 days early access to the game. Is this also the case if I place my order thru Steam/PlayStation store/Microsoft?

Is there a method you would prefer for reasons?

It is for steam, I don’t know for the rest I’m afraid.

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If you pre-order the PC version on Steam or the website you get access to the 3 day head-start. It’s not available on consoles, unfortunately.

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OK, I ordered the Deluxe edition, and get the 3 day head-start. Steam is showing the release date as Dec. 4th. Does that mean with the head-start, I can actually start playing on Dec. 1st? I am thinking that’s what it means, but just thought I’d verify.

DuxinARow, yes December 1st.

Thanks for the answer. For some reason, I don’t have access to the forums you linked me but I am presuming the answer is in there.

DOH! Yeah, you’ll have to ask for Demo Discussion access in the forums. Sorry. But yes, they have stated that it will be available to us on December 1st. :+1:

I’ve added you to the Demo Discussion subforum :slight_smile:

The full game will unlock for you on December 1st.

Thanks everyone for your help, & thanks for the add to the Demo Discussion. I am so looking forward to the 1st. I am totally loving this game.

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OK So I ordered the standard from the website and I should get an email this Saturday with a steam key, is that about right?

That is correct :slight_smile:

Thank you! Very excited :slight_smile:

Hello! Can we have the release date by country for the 3 day pre launch please?!? In France for example ^^

It’s worldwide on Friday 30th, 6pm CET (Central European Time).

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thanks !!!

I bought the game from the website. If the release is Today at cet 6pm (im from Germany), then i should get the key before 6pm right? There ist no Mail until now.

It turns out the release is not December 1, but November 30? Will the key purchased from you on the site come after the release, or i will have to wait until December 1st?

Same thing I am wondering. Patiently watching my email and spam mail so far nothing 49 mins to go !!! lol

I contacted xsolla’s live chat on. Google Xsolla Liva Chat. I not allowed for me to post links.
They sent me the key directly and it works. You need your transaction number. (sorry for my bad englisch :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Thank You Overdoze, they just resent me and email with my steam cd key included.

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