Saves and Upgrading Demo to Full Game

Hi everyone!

We hope you’re enjoying the Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden Demo. :slight_smile:
As you know, your demo keys will automatically update to the full version of the game three days before release. All you will have to do is update the game through Steam when prompted to do so and you should be set to go.

However, we also wanted to let you know that your save game won’t carry over from the demo to the full game. That is because the game has gone through too many changes and we want to make sure nothing gets corrupted in the upgrade-to-release process.



Thanks for the update. Saved games are the least of my worries! Just to verify, we should be able to download and play the full game on Saturday, December 1st?

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Correct :slight_smile:

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Cheers for this, I did some very wrong choices with my mutations so I’m well happy that I am forced to not be lazy! Woop Woop!

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Oh dang, forgot we get the headstart! 1:st december, woop woop!

(Also give kudos to the musician for the OST, I’m honestly hyped to get the main menu theme download!)


Thanks for the update on this one. I’m not terribly upset by this, as I wanted to restart for the Full version anyway. Hope it doesn’t cause too many issues or complaints for you guys!

Someone told me that the launch updated from Saturday to Friday, is this true?

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Friday evening euro time for early access, yes :slight_smile:
6pm CET to be precise!


Drat! I put in a lot of time into the demo, too. Oh well. At least they give you a heads up!

Yeah, sorry about that. There were just too many updates from the Demo version to the full version that porting the saves what just not an option.

Oh, it’s all good. On the bright side I get to replay the opening again :grin: