How i can acces beta forum for Mutant years zero and how upgrade demo to full game

hi i buy deluxe edition and i can’t go on exclusive forum and how i can up grade demo to full game at 1st december

You just need some patience. :wink:
The Community Manager will activate your board account for the Demo Discussion.

In Steam your game should automatically upgrade the Demo version to release version. :slight_smile:

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Hey Xeros!

I’ve updated your forum account so you should now have access to the demo forum :slight_smile:

As Simulacrum said, your game will automatically upgrade to the release version when the game is launched, so there’s nothing you need to do over on your end.

Id did also prder the delux verson on veb page but have not got any confermation or anything its just missing some Money in the acount.

Remember to check your spam folders because sometimes the keys end up there.

If you still haven’t received your key after a day or two, please get in touch with Xsolla customer support: