Pre-order deluxe edition

When will the RPG core book be available and how do I get it?

Same question here. How or when do we get the ‘Deluxe’ edition stuff? :slight_smile:

The other pre-order bonuses will be sent out around launch :slight_smile:


I pre order the Deluxe, can install the game but when can I play on the Beta?

If you pre-ordered through Steam you should have access to the beta immediately. Just download, install and hit “play” :slight_smile:

Still not able to to acces the extra stuff.

They should be in here:
steamapps\common\Mutant Year Zero\Deluxe Edition

If you don’t see them, please let us know. Meanwhile, we’re taking all feedback and bug reports and sending them over to the developers.

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no cant se anything to downlode exept from get the game one more time.

I found it at the location @Jens_Erik said it would be! :slight_smile:

Any chance you could get the MYZ RPG rulebook in Swedish?

Say what thats so not logik plase to have it, what the chans to even get the ide to lock for it ther?

When i locked for what he sad i came onlt to the steam page to bye the game. No good!

But still not cant find it.

I’m having the issue that i haven’t got an updated Deluxe-key from xsolla. (support issue open and pending)
Have you checked so you got deluxe edition in steam or perhaps only have regular edition activated?

This is what my files look like, I bought the package deal for 55 bucks from steam that included the deluxe edition so I was playing it before December 4th, but I can’t see any of the deluxe stuff, plus when I look on steam it looks like I didn’t buy the deluxe edition even though I paid for it

It also shows up here that I have it and bought it last Friday, but I don’t have a way to “install” it. Not sure if this is on your end or on steam.

I pre-ordered the deluxe edition, but don’t have a folder with the deluxe contents in my steam directory. How do I resolve this?

I just realized that my Steam library only lists the base version of the game, even though I purchased the Deluxe edition, as you can just see from my forum badge. Any support avenues on this @Jens_Erik?

@BloederFuchs Did you get the Steam-key sent to you in an e-mail?

From what I can remember; Open Steam and choose “Library/Downloads” (?? My steam account is in Swedish). I had a Download pending for the next day, which I could choose to “download now”.

toggle the install checkbox and file verify in steam worked for me.

I was in contact about Xsolla about this. Seems like the Deluxe Key-mail only contained my regular key.
Through Xsolla support chat this was solved by them in a couple of min, just have your Xsolla receipt/transaction number ready. (they manually sent my a new mail with both keys)

Yeah, when I got my beta key, and then added it to my library and installed it. It was automatically converted on release day to the release version.

EDIT: They got back to me and sent me a key for the deluxe version.

so just to clarify… you got a new key from Xsolla? because I’m currently in a chat session and they’re telling me that they can’t do anything if my key didn’t upgrade

EDIT: same for me… just took forever for whatever reason, time to read the lore! :smiley: