How do I get a steam key?

I bought a Deluxe Edition,
I did not receive my steam key registration and demo version play method in my email.
How do I get an email?

Hi there @parkinje
Did you buy the game on Steam or through the page?
In steam you should get the product immediately and don’t need a key. If you got it from the buy page you should get an email verification and key from xsolla (in that case, make sure you also check your spam folder).

Have not got any mail.

Little nervous now after reading this thread, I will assume that the email with our steam cd keys will be mailed soonish, because I also purchased this game but this morning after I realized I had been payed, I recieved the order confirmation email, checked my bank money was debited, but no email with the steam cd key as of yet. Has anyone else gotten their preorder normal game edition steam cd keys yet?

In the letter with the check below, I have a line that the key will come after the release of the game 12/01/2018.

So the email I got was from Xsolla and in it was this:

We’ll send the game access details to (email listed here) after the beta version launch and the official release, which is planned for 12/01/2018

So now I am curious if I made a mistake ordering from the website and not steam (at the time steam was being a pain and wouldn’t load for me) So I used the main website. Now I am wondering if that email will come in tomorrow and not today the game is supposed to open or launch for me in roughly 50 mins my time. but no email yet or cd key.

I contacted xsolla’s live chat on. Google Xsolla Liva Chat. I not allowed for me to post links.
They sent me the key directly and it works. You need your transaction number.

I also bought the deluxe edition. I have the game no problem and am having a crap ton of fun with it, but it said that we get a book and special art with it as well right? how do we get these?

These will be available on the 4th of December when the game officially releases :slight_smile:


Neat. I was wondering about the same. Thanks.

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sorry to ask this again, but I’m trying to find my stuff and I have no clue where it is. I checked my emails and there’s nothing from you guys or steam, and I looked on steam but for some reason it looks like I didn’t even buy the deluxe edition, but I specifically remember buying the 60 dollar bundle for this game and the deluxe edition