Pre-orderd the deluxe edition on steam, no demo though

Pre-orderd the deluxe edition on steam,
but i cant find i have acces to the demo :frowning:

It should be in your Steam Library. Please let us know if this is not the case :slight_smile:

i checked again and sadly no demo in my game list :"(
could the reason be becusse i upgraded to a delux edition from a standard edition?
i bought the standard edition thinking i would get the demo and then realised i have to have the delux version.
and then bought the Deluxe Edition Upgrade
so now i have the standard edetion with the Deluxe Edition Upgrade dlc

Same. Can’t find demo :frowning:

It’s the same for me.

I upgraded my regular version on steam to the delux one

Same. Bought Deluxe, and game was added to my steam account, but i didn’t get DEMO or download buttons

Did you buy the delux in one go or did you upgrade?

Because the demo should be seperate but there seems to be some wonky stuff with valve when you upgrade

upgrade. Now i use refund for both items (standart and upgrade). and will try to bought as 1 deluxe

update us how it when later on!

As I just contacted support about this on steam

Hey guys,

Thanks for letting us know about this! We did a quick fix in the backend and you should have access to the demo very shortly. Please let us know if it’s still unavailable to you.


Nice to hear this, coz demo is the only reason for me to by deluxe.

i have the demo now!
many thanks 8D

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Awsome to see you guys fixing that, I refunded the game and reorded the delux edition from the get go instead and that worked to!

Hello, buy the game on the Main Site (://buy.mutantyearzero_com/), i payed with paypal. I dont receive any Key or Something else. Pls help

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Hey! :slight_smile:

Did you check your spam folder? Sometimes the keys end up there. If not, check in with Xsolla customer support: