Pre-order Deluxe Edition key issue

it’s a great game, but I have a little issue with my Deluxe-Edition.

I have pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition on June 20th, 2018 and now it’s just the normal version without any extra stuff and now I can upgrade my game to the Deluxe-Edition for 20€ on Steam. Maybe the wrong key from Xsolla ?
Thanks for your help.

I have the same problem. Have an open issue and waiting for response from Xsolla.
If it doesn’t get solved for you before me, I can update with my development :slight_smile:
(suggest perhaps open issue with them(xsolla))

@karlmann86 was in contact with Xsolla and the first deluxe-mail the sent to me contain the regular key and not the deluxe key. With contact through Xsolla support chat it was solved in fixed in a couple of minutes.
Just have your Xsolla reciept number ready :slight_smile:

I have the Deluxe Edition now. Thank you for your help. :slight_smile:

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