Pre-Order: second steam key?

In the original pre-order purchase email the email stated.

“On Launch day, 4th of December, you will get a second steam key which give you the rest of the deluxe edition content.”

I haven’t received such an email, Is there some sort of delay?

Hey there,

The Deluxe Edition key would have been sent to you by our partners at Xsolla. If you haven’t received anything yet, we suggest contacting their help line at for assistance.

Also, the RPG book and soundtrack would be in your local files where you installed the game, so please double-check there and see if your goodies are there.

Sorry for the trouble! Let us know how it goes.

The response I got back is

"Thank you for informing us about this incident. We apologize for the delay. We’re escalating the issue to our technical team. We’ll immediately notify you when we receive any new information. Thank you for your patience and understanding. "