Please Post Bugs in the Bug/Feedback Forum

Hey y’all!

If you have bugs to report or feedback you want to give about the game, please post them in the bugs/feedback discussion subforum. We want to keep General Discussion bug free :slight_smile:

FYI: I attempted to post in that forum, but it says I don’t have access.


I bought it yesterday & got my steam code but didn’t get any demo forum email

Yeah i´ve played through the demo a few times but i cant access the demo forums.

+1. Still no invitation to beta forum.

It says I don’t have access


I’ve pre-ordered Deluxe edition, please add me, thanks.

Thanks everyone! I’ve added you all to the MYZDemo group and you should now be able to post in the forum. Sorry for taking so long!

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I bought it on November 7th & got my steam code but didn’t get any demo forum email, nor the PDF copy of MY0 RPG.

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Added you to the group :slight_smile: The MY0 RPG book will be sent out at a later date.

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Could you add me as well please? I also got a steam key, but no demo forum invite.

Sure thing! :slight_smile:

is killing 55lv mobs considered a bug? and getting that sweet sweet grenade launcher :wink: also links says dont have access

You’ve been added to the group :slight_smile:

Which level are you at when you’re killing these lvl 55 enemies?

Yo, I’d also like to be added to the demo group, I have also pre-ordered the Deluxe edition!

You’re already in it according to the Admin panel :slight_smile:

i was lv23

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Then it makes sense. If you’re low-level they’ll just absorb the damage.

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Please add me to the beta forum also, same as for the others here, bought the delux version and got the demo steam key (the demo is great btw.), but no invite to the beta forum.

You should now have access to the beta forum :slight_smile: