Beta Access by 11/1?

With every purchase option involving 3 day early access - I would assume that means the month early access to a beta version would mean a 11/1 beta start at the latest?

Has this been confirmed?

Also- has there been any confirmation how the beta will work? I.E will it be a small portion of the game? Full game? Will it be set day and time play sessions or 24/7 access?

Thanks, really looking forward to this one.

Hey Futureboy! :slight_smile:

The beta version will be made available minimum 1 month before release, as it says on It will be a small portion of the game that will introduce the story, the main characters, the Ark and how the game is played, lasting a couple of hours at most :slight_smile:

Jens, we should expect that this Sunday 11/4? How will access be delivered/ conveyed? Through Steam? Looking forward to the game, but was hoping early access would be more than a short intro.


The beta demo will go out to players who pre-ordered on Monday :slight_smile: You’ll be getting a Steam key via email, so make sure to keep any eye on any spam folders just in case.

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Couldn’t think about a better way of starting the week !
Can’t wait !

Has anyone gotten the keys yet? :slight_smile:

I don’t expect them until tonight.
The good news is that I think the dev team is located in Sweden. So it’s on EU time zone :slight_smile:

We will start sending out keys this afternoon. Please also check that you have access to the special Demo Forums if you have pre-ordered the game. Feel free to share your impressions and feedback with us there :slight_smile:


uhhh, Special demo forums :stuck_out_tongue:
Should we have access now?
or when we get the beta key?

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If you pre-ordered then you should have access to the Demo Forums already. :slight_smile:

I get this error:
“Oops, looks like you are attempting to accept an invitation for another user. If you are not _____, please log out and try again.”
When I press the link in your email.

Do you need to have the same email address registered here and at xsolla?
Or is this the special forums? :slight_smile:

can you please send me a pm with the email you pre-ordered with? :slight_smile:

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Hi, pre ordered the game yesterday,5th Nov, when should I receive the steam code for the demo download? Really looking forward to this!

You should get it when Xsolla has processed your payment. :slight_smile: Did you get a confirmation email from them when the pre-order completed?

Yes I got the confirmation,last bit of it was this…

We’ll send the game access details to stewpidbear email address after the beta version launch and the official release

Edit the email address😉

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And still no response from Funcom or beta code. Not impressed from either or Xsolla who passed the buck to funcom

If you’ve checked all your email folders (Spam, Promotions, etc) and you still can’t find a key you’ll need to get in touch with Xsolla customer support:

Sorry about the late response.

The system they use is just weird.

You need to purchase the game which only adds balance to your account.
Once you get the purcahse confirmation email you can go to your PayStation account which now has balance you can use to actually purchase the game.
Once you did that you get your Steam Key via Email

After many emails back and forth, eventually the very nice lady at Xsolla emailed a key that worked! Even she was not sure what had gone wrong​:wink:Thank you for your helpful replies.:+1:


Glad it got sorted out in the end!