Pre-order through Humble Store - headstart status?

Since it’s a steam key, will this pre-order unlock 3 days early as well?

I don’t see how not. But hopefully you can get confirmation from a CM :slight_smile:

Heya! Can confirm, it should unlock for you for PC. :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Uh. Sadly - pre-purchasing doesn’t seem to give me access to my steam key before the release date (which wasn’t apparent before purchasing). So can’t activate on steam before that date - unless I get my key from humble store when headstart starts. Just worried to be missing out, even if it’s not 100% confirmed fubar for me yet.

Sadly, this doesn’t seem correct… :frowning:

Edit: added screenshot. Might still change, I guess. But they way they handle pre-orders doesn’t seem to support headstart.