Preorder 3 days early access

I reposted the solution on Reddit as I got the same question there

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If you have ordered from the mutant page directly and haven’t received your key please contact xsolla support. They generally help quite fast. Have your transaction number ready to go :slight_smile:

More info here.


It worked! Thank you very much!

Response from xsolla…you will get it within 24 hours.Which is kinda sh*tty if it starts today.

It unlocked on steam 12 minutes ago. And if you pre-order it now on Steam you would get it directly. So that is a bit bad yes

Did you write in the chat? They immediately asked me the transaction number and then sent the key.

Yes,told them i pre ordered,added the trans action nr and they told me within 24 hours.Maybe my guy was just lazy …

I"m talking to someone right now Visc and said people were getting their keys now and they said “it was a mistake sorry keys will be sent out tomorrow”

Strange. Try again in the chat … maybe a bad manager was caught.

I got a answer on reddit that they send out the keys now, someone has received his now without contacting support?

Download finished… playing

Well, I’m one of the unlucky ones. My live chat person refuses to give me the key, asks for twitter link to where it was changed to today and is now taking forever to “investigate your issue”. They apparently didn’t get the memo and told me to read the mail I got with the date for tomorrow. :frowning: I gotta say a little disappointed in the communication between Funcom and Xsolla, or in house in Xsolla here.

Something I wish to verify though for those who ordered via the main website page, when I entered the key on redeem a game code for steam it showed up as Mutant Year Zero road to eden beta. which struck me as odd, I am downloading the game via client I just hope it’s the right game and not the beta.

Edit My current steam download is 5.7 GB hope this is the full game release size.

Got it. Prob had a new guy :slight_smile: thanks,have fun!

If you are on Xsolla chat and the person wont give the key then just close the chat window (not the browser window) and refresh your browser to bring up another chat window and say “hello?” to see if you get a different person.

After about 30 min in live chat, semi arguing for them to give me the key they finally did so. Now, it is the beta key it seems, but the beta key automatically turns into the full game, at least from what I can tell. If you see “beta” don’t worry, in the queue it just says the game title, doesn’t say beta in the download queue.