[#spellchekker] Localization problem

Game mode: All
Type of issue: Misc
Server type: All
Region: RU

There is a localization problem at the new page “Storm” in Server settings. Russian translation too long so numbers are partly invisible.

By the way couldn’t your localization team correct one old error on another page please?

This phrase should be something like “Множитель времени создания рабов”. Now it looks like some craft speed multiplier for crafter Thralls. Thank you in advance, this game is magnificent.


Создавала такую тему. Но ни ответа ни привета.

Была проблема с отображением уровня раба, после того большого обновления, когда ввели их прокачку. На тему ответили, проблему исправили, хотя и не сразу, так что и это поправят в итоге :slightly_smiling_face:

I have encountered a similar problem. Only when creating a new game, all storm settings are visible.

During the game (on official servers and in singleplayer), the fields with numbers are out of sight. I play in Polish lang (in English, everything can be seen correctly).

Photo from today:

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Yes, our Slavic languages have much longer phrases than English :slightly_smiling_face: I hope they will correct it soon.

Hey @Ko6ka

Thanks for the feedback, it’s been relayed to our #spellchekker team who will be glad to take a look at it once they’re released from their dungeon of pain.

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