Missing translations ( POL )

Game mode: All
Type of issue: Translation
Server type: All
Region: Polish

I present a list of missing translations. I’ve been collecting data for a long time, a small part may be out of date.

  1. None on the Siptah map .
  2. All recipes of “Rhino Travel Saddle” have an English name instead of a Polish one. When crafted, the item has the correct name.
  3. The new aloe healing potions are called “None” in feats (the item, probably too).
  4. When interacting with companions with the default (unchanged) name, wrong names appear on the right.
  5. When you try to learn the (already known) recipe again from the scroll from the Unnamed City (Exile Lands map), the word “None” appears on the right.
  6. The” does not apply to Polish. It should not appear next to a player’s race name.
  7. There is no text when talking to an NPC (spoiler Valeria) character in Siptah.

Related to the topic:

  • During the fight in the Witch Queen dungeon (Exile Lands map), no dialogue text appears, and no voice is heard (info may be out of date).
  • An option menu that does not fit:
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Hey @fito

Thanks for the observation. Our team will look into it.

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