Questions about names and sounds!

Game mode: (Single-player)
Type of issue: Misc
Region: china

The integrity of game files has been verified by Steam.

1.All NPCs in the game have no voice effects,Dogs don’t bark and people don’t talk.

2.Some NPC names are not in Chinese.

Hey @naketj

Welcome to our community.
Regarding the NPC sounds, we’re aware of the issue as per our latest patchnotes and it’s been fixed internally.
Regarding the NPC names, could you let us know which names in particular?

Do you use any mods? There is no localization support for mods in CE, so all the modded assets get English names (I play Russian version of this game with mods).

Hello !
Just sign up to report the same bug about NPC names, as I thought you were already aware of it.

So a lot of NPCs have their names in English since the derketo/sepermeru dungeon updates :

  1. Most or all unique NPCs : Nunu the Cannibal, Gilzan the Treasure Hunter, Yakira Priestess of Derketo, The Outcast, Warmaker Klael, The Archivist…
  2. All tier 1 to tier 3 Darfari, Black Hand and Dogs of the Desert thralls (Fighter, Archer, Dancer, Carpenter, etc.)
  3. Most of named Thralls from the 3 factions above + a lot from all factions (like B’naru Heavyhands, Arvad of Akbitan, Barks-at-Moon, Sygin the Woodworker, Abna the Voracious, etc.)
  4. Some bosses like The King Beneath, the ones in Klael dungeon, etc.
  5. … This list is not exhaustive ! :slight_smile:
  • Game mode : Singleplayer / no mod / all languages
  • How to reproduce :

    Start a new game without mod.
    Visit a Darfari / Black Hand / Dogs of the Desert camp, an unique NPC, or spawn some random ones in admin mode
    In settings, change the language with the same result for all of them.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi !
A small update on this missing translation bug, to post a more exhaustive and simple list.

By alphabetical order :

  • Abamathefrostbitten to AbandonnedCity_UndeadLizardMan : OK

  • Abnathevoracius to DungeonSag_wildlife_Wolf_Puppy : Missing translation
    (include all the names pointed out previously + some others : Black hand, Boss, Darfari, Dialogue NPC, Dogs of the desert, Dungeons Dagon and Jhebbal Sag)

  • DungeonWineCellar_Drunkard to Zristoftheblade (end of the list) : OK
    (with the exceptions of DungeonWineCellar_SmokeDemon : Tar ? and DungeonWineCellar_Wildlife_Skeleton_Fighter_2 and _3 : Animated renmains)

Obviously, the culprit is localization.pak (replace it with an older version restore most of the names).

Hope it’ll help you to correct this bug - for the next update maybe ? :slight_smile:
Thanks !


Hey @Sundown

Welcome to our community.
Just to confirm, this is happening in the Chinese localization, right?

In Russian localization the same problems. I play without mods.


Hello Ignasis, thanks !

I play in French (in France).
In admin mode, I’ve spawned the whole list of NPCs/creatures and the part from “Abnathevoracius” to “DungeonSag_wildlife_Wolf_Puppy” is in English for the 11 other languages I can choose from in settings (German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Polish, Japanese, Corean, Chinese…). Yes I tested them all quickly… :slight_smile:

I try to delete/redownload “Localization.pak” and “Localization.sig” too with no result.

Maybe the same bug was reported a month ago - after the Wine Cellar dungeon update.
I can’t post links but it was something like that :
“Missing Brazilian Portuguese translations and missing scourgestone piece”

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