The text does not fit in UI (and Polish translation)

  1. When the game is set to Polish, the text does not fit in the horse Stats Window.

  2. Regardless of the language, one option at the bottom of the Gameplay menu does not fit in the window.

    • Game set to: Windowed Fullscreen; 1920x1080
    • The non-fitting option is only visible in the active game. The first main game menu does not show this option.
  3. It is an old issue: In the nudity selection, the word None translated into Wróc which means Return. If I remember correctly, a few patches ago the word was just translated into Brak.

    • Visible in the screenshot above (a small red question mark).

Hey there @fito, thank you for sharing this, we’ll be sure to relay the info to our team!


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