Why are some texts in German while the rest of the game is in English

Game mode: Online official (Server #1025)
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: EU

Prior to the anniversary update today, I noticed that pet or thrall names were in German when shown in the notification in top right corner.
See this screenshot:

The thrall/pet name was shown correctly in the name tag, but whenever the thrall was mentioned in a notification, e.g. when set to follow or not, the name is German.

This issue is still present.

And now it is even worse. When I am fighting an NPC, the name is in English, while he is unconscious, the name is in English but once he is dead, the name is German.

I have double-checked that my language is set to english, just to be sure.

So, to sum up in a single question: Why?!


I think this is linked with the region/language of the server. As you may know, gportal is german.
I remember I already saw this while in EA, then no more… until last patch, it seems :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a private with language specified in French, but my client in is English. When I kill a NPC its name changes from English to French, that’s kinda fun but kinda weird too and I think it’s related to what you pointed out.


Huh. That does sound related. It also sounds like a bug. Especially since the second case is new (to me) :slight_smile:

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Hey @FlameBlade

Thanks for the heads-up, sending it to our team and they’ll look into it.

Awesome :slight_smile:

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This happened on my private server. It is the “culture” setting in gportal interface. It defaults to Deutch (German) after every restart. I opened a ticket with gportal and they fixed it quickly. Now my thrall names are all English.


thanks for the solution, HoD

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