Spent a day getting booted for research

Game mode: official 2508 pve-c
Problem: booted off server
Region: 2508

Spent a day testing the stability on Xbox one after the update.( This was done a couple days ago from todays date )

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
Logged in 0945
Booted 1022
Signed back in 1026
Booted 1029
Signed back in 1042
Booted 1058
Signed back in 1105
Booted 1241
Signed back in 1255
Booted 1259
Signed back in 1305
Booted 1318 ( while teleporting)
Signed back in 1324
Booted 1355
Signed back in 1402
Logged off 1406
Each time I went to single player before logging back in. I was around 0 to 5 thralls at various times did not have followers with me. Most times spent inside bases. Found no pattern to this.


That is the kind of information they need

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Crash simulator 2020 girl lol

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Hell yea! If it can help them fix the mess im for it…hehe.

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