Splitting stacks can make game unresponsive to keyboard commands

**Game mode: Online official
**Type of issue: Bug
**Server type: PvE
**Region: Oceanic

When splitting stacks using Shift+left mouse+drag item to an empty slot to activate the split AND use the keyboard to confirm the split by pressing “enter”, causes cause the game to become unresponsive to keyboard commands. To restore function any item has to be clicked on in your inventory or crafting menu with the left mouse button.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Use a standard keyboard and mouse set up in the game on a PC version of Exiles.
  2. Open inventory.
  3. Hold left-Shift down.
  4. Select a stack with left mouse button and drag icon to an empty space in the inventory
  5. Release left-Shift and the left mouse button and press “Enter” on the keyboard to confirm the split.
  6. Press “i” on keyboard to close inventory.
  7. Observe inventory does not close. Randomly press other keys on keyboard and observe interface/game is unresponsive.
  8. Click on any item in inventory OR in crafting menu with left mouse button.
  9. Press “i” on keyboard and inventory closes.

The same does not occur if you use the mouse to click the “OK” on the screen at step 5.
Another person has reported that if we type a number in the pop-up menu and click the “ok” button with the mouse then the game ignores that number and splits the stack at the default 50/50 split. To get the game to split the stack to the specific number we inputted, we need to use “enter” on the keyboard. Which is how I found that using “enter” on the keyboard to confirm a split causes the interface to become unresponsive until I select an item in my inventory or crafting menu with the mouse.

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I confirm that typing a number in the split stack doesnt work it always splits 50/50 unless you use the slider with the mouse to split a custom size stack . This hapoens on all gsme modes including pvp

Hey @Kwalya

Thanks for the heads-up, we’ll send it to our team. :slight_smile:

Press Enter on the keyboard. Then it will split the number you typed in.

Edit: And that happend when I just “fly” over the text.

Sorry for the fail input.

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That is fixed on testlive

However, if you have inventory open, or a container open and press enter, you can’t get back to the game. I simply call it Chat Locking, because I am almost always in my inventory and hitting enter to tell my clan member something, when it happens to me.

This still happens on Testlive.

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