Stabillity on Pillars / Black-Ice Pillar

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE-Conflict

It seems there is a problem with stabillity on pillars especially Black Ice which I am currently using in my building project.

It only happens after server restart. The foundations I am placing pillar on has 100 Stabillity. If I remove the pillars and place new pillars they get the stabillity of 100. On screenshots below you can see pillars and foundations I did not replace after server restart.

@Dark_Aya to me it looks as if your pillars arent aligned on the middle of the foundation is that correct? There has indeed been a problem where pillars that arent placed in the middle of a foundation dot get the right stability after a server reboot.

Yes, they are not place in the middle as I do not want them to block windows.

Thnx @Blyker.

Atleast I know that it is know it has been reported before… but I can not understand why it is not fixed. Funcom should really have a confirmed bug list report somewhere…

As far as i know they do not see this as a bug. The patch that this problem was introduced in countered a certain build style. When you can build a pillar on the side of a foundation or ceiling then it is possible to build out in a triangle with 100% stability.
The bug part as i see it is that this way of building gives 100% stability until a server is reset or maybe even a patch. Then stability gets recalculated and your building suddenly comes crushing down.

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