Stamina Cost Multiplier server setting stopped working after 2.3 Update

**Game mode: Single-player (did not test other game modes)
**Type of issue: Bug
**Server type Single-player PC
**Region: N/A Single-player

After 2.3 Update Stamina Cost Multiplier Server Setting stopped working.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Active Admin Mode
  2. Set Stamina Cost Multiplier to 0.1 in server settings
  3. Perform melee attacks and/or dodge
  4. Watch your stamina bar droping like stone

The other similar reports I’ve seen of this have all been modded games. Have yet to see one without a modded server. So, it should be asked, have you tried testing this without any mods installed.

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I only have one mod installed (level 300). Have not tried it without level 300 mod because did not want my character’s exp progression to be messed up. Don’t see how it would mess up stamina cost server setting but I will post in steam forums for level 300 mod just in case.

Thank you for paying attention to this.

Same here , i didnt noticed it because my stamina cost in a solo server never got changed but today i noticed no matter how i play with the sertings , after 2.3 update the settings doesnt affect the cost of the stamina even if im in light armor and empty inventory , i can only perform roughly 6 dodge and i have a feather stamina left just to say i can do a last one before being exhausted and i have no mods … but this is ridiculous ly way to much expsive anyway even at 0.1 settings stamina cost multiplier. They realy need to fix this .

Okay after a couple of test , there is an issues with the update yes but after multiple tests i realizesld that the settings “stamina cost multiplier” doesnt affect anymore the dodge only which is stupid cause dodge take stamina so the settings is direcly related to it. And the admin pannel settings “disable stamina cost” is just “working” on sprint only. But still does not allow you to regen stamina while you are sprinting if you where already running out. Attack still cost stamina, jump still cost stamina and well , now sword of crom for admins arnt usuable anymore …But it does reduce correcly attack cost and sprint cost only . So if you can try and tell and tell me if only the dodge does not get affected by the settings too , we will have to make them know.

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