Stamina, food and Drink settings For g-porta

I use G-Portal to run a server for friends of mine to play Conan Exiles on. Running into a bit of and issues which I could use some help with. It seems our stamina runs out way to fast. You run a few steps and it burns it down to zero quickly.

I have adjusted it in both directions and it seems to have no effect, what am I doing wrong?

Also it seems we are constantly having to eat and drink.

What categories need to be set and at what level to stop the issues with Stamina, Food and water?

Server is G-portal. Thanks in advance for any help or insight.

No help?

Are you in admin mode when you change the levels on these categories??

As to make any changes stay you need to go to settings and make me admin.

I would use the web interface to make adjustments rather than the in game interface. I have adjusted these both ways and they both have worked for me.

Lower numbers are longer times, on consumables. and faster on crafting.
I have hunger, thirst set to 0.5 and I set durability to 1.5

I haven’t changed stamina but I believe lower numbers increase the amount so try setting that to 0.5 to double it, etc.

Rather that trying to adjust the values from the ingame menu, I would edit the server.ini
Just make sure it’s not set to read only, otherwise it will revert to the old value at restart.

Edited because I remembered the values wrong.

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