Stamina "gone" bug

**Game mode:**Online private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: EU

After the last patch with new fish, i think, everybody noticed strange bug, when your stamina set on ~50± points. This bug is related to new fish buffs (Hardy). Few minutes after you use new fish, your stamina will go down and it can be -20 for max stamina or ur stamina can lock on 50 ± max. 2 ways to get it back (more than 50, but no to the original numbers): ice tea, death.
Like an example, i had 27 grit, it is ~207 stamina with potion from religion. If i use new food, my stamina will go down to 170-185 and i cant get more. But few minutes after i eat new fish, it will fall down to 50, and only ice tea will “unlock” it to 170-185.

Hi there, the issue has been reported on all platforms. You are not alone.

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Currently an easy fix to this issue is to drink a few sips of water in rapid succession - it sets Stamina back to normal.


Hey there,

We’re aware of this issue (as pointed out by @Narelle) and we’ve fixed it internally. It’ll come out with the next patch.
Thanks for your feedback.

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