Stamina bug! i need help!


Game mode: Online Official
Type of issue: BUG
Server type: PVP
Region: EU

Whats going on here ? Look at my stamina… Its bug or what ? I try to restart my game, restart PC, reset my stats ingame, put everything to grit and reset again but i cant fix this problem. I probably need help from Admin or i dont know. Do u have someone same problem ? (My stamina is 59)


Remove your bracelet


Yes i got it thx :slight_smile:


DId you drink a potion of lost souls


Yes but i think its not problem of this potion cause i was drinked him all time and nothing bad. I was out from “upgrade” of this potion, i just alt tab to windows, go back and my stamina is like that. I just hope its from potion but not


One of the players on our server experienced this and after a while it was fully restored to normal.


yes if u kill yourself, its normal. but if u got this problem in fight like me its not good


I had the same issue too. It seems like it’s all the buffs we get from the halloween potions that mess up your stats upon reloggin. i had about the exact same amount of stamina as you for like 5 min ( not fighting :smiley: ) went gathering some rocks and all went fine back. have you drunk some halloween potions before this bug happened? any special honey drink too?

Other thing, again upon reloggin i had a pop up telling me “you Don’t own this emote” ??? no idea what it meant but it happened 3 times yesterday but never again today.

Anyway, glad your bracelet removal fixed it.


No. I was farming some iron so i am 100% sure my stamina was okey. After what i ALT TAB to the windows and came back, my stamina is 59. I actually fix that with removed bracelet (just die) but i wasnt drinking any alcohol. Yes i was using potion but this problem i saw after really long time what i used it


ok thanks for the answer. It’s really Strange.
Your feedback might help funcom figuring this out in case it’s not figured out yet.


:smirk:They warned you it can be have negativ efects


Its not from potion, u need to probably read all comments here


This bug has happened to me several times again, with all kind of different stamina pools. here on this screen you can see my pool was down to 1 stamina.
In my case it only happens when i logg back in.


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