Stamina bug possibly tied to Potion of Lost Souls


Game mode: [Singleplayer]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [AU/PAL]

Immediately after some of my Potion of Lost Souls effects wore off, one of which being increased stamina, my stamina pool has inexplicably changed to -5, so I get roughly 1 second of “having” stamina, then it says I have no stamina for about 3 seconds and just keeps repeating.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Xbox Halloween Update (31.10.2018)

Thanks CrystalGoddess :slight_smile:

Does relogging take care of this or does the issue persist?


Logging off does indeed fix it.

Xbox Halloween Update (31.10.2018)

Just waiting fixes it to, doesnt seem tied to potion. (havn’t drank one yet)

I was building my home, and stop to check on cat in other room, came back to zero stamina, waited and nothing happen, jumped and got hit with “out of stamina” and took few seconds for it to restore.

Had it happen when climbing, went from full bar to nothing and just fell. LOL
Only seen it 3 times, (3rd being standing around, watching meteors, and went tp move and “out of stamina” XD


Thank you for providing some additional details. Based on what you’re telling me it seems to happen at random. One of our devs experienced it on his Xbox while playing the other day too.

I’ll add it to my report!


I drank 3 potions and my stamina became stuck at -19 for about 10 minutes before it popped back to normal. ( didn’t relog - just waited.)


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