Starting a new clan on release. PC

Hey friends, I’m just looking to fill out a clan for PVE conflict. There’s two of us now. What we’re looking for is:

21 and older.
Have fun, mess around, but get stuff done. It is a game in the end.
Follow lead order, won’t be a stupid amount or anything pointless. I’m just talking follow base designs, and if we have enough people, making certain people responsible for certain resources.
And the main thing is to level up and contribute.

Message me on steam or here to talk more. Name is the same with the same logo on steam.

Still looking if anyone’s interested.

First post I saw literally all that I’m looking for. would love to join and grow. Old retired and looking for people to do anything with. HMU on steam Strifefish umm logo is like a Navy logo with a bad fish?